Sunday, June 22, 2014

London Day 1

Woke up at 5am to get ready to head to the airport. Out flight was at 9am. We needed to be at the airport by 7am. We had breakfast at Mac's before checking in tho. Anw, R was really sweet in offering to give us a ride. As the car wasn't big enough to fit all 5 of our huge luagges, the twins took a cab instead.

Bidding goodbye to R felt a tad more neutral than i thought it wld have. Lotsa things have happened since the start of 2014 till today.. & I needed a break so badly as i've mentioned in my previous post. & This 2 weeks trip has been nothing short of wonderful, really (:

Anw, I was told the airport at London is crazy. Getting to your destination can take you at least 30mins depending on your pace. Taxis there are expensive & not worth taking. So we took the train from Piccadilly line, which was a distance from the airport. It was a long ride to our destination at King's Cross station. We had to lug our heavy bags up numerous flight of stairs. It was a nightmare. Everyone takes the train from the airport so it was kind of a norm to them to see huge luggage's in the cabin.

I rushed out of King's cross station as i was super excited. During the entire transport time, there was always a roof over our heads so didn't get to see London till we got out of the train station. We were greeted by large rustic buildings in greyish brown. The architecture of the buildings are amazaballs. So so beautiful! Met the brother & headed to our hostel.

We stayed at St. Christopher's Inn. It's a hostel btw. We had a 4 bed room to ourselves. Thank God. Upon arriving, it was 6.30pm London time. Which was prolly 2am SG time. It's 7 hours apart. Anw, we had to rush from the airport to the inn to get settled fast as we had a musical at 7.30pm. So it was extremely rushing.

Mum, Nik & i watched Matilda. Which was amazing. Just tt i slept almost hlaf of the 2nd part. I know i know.. Wth. But i was really tired from the 13 hour flight :( All in all it was a great musical. Loved the stage set up especially.

Had Indian food a some street & returned to our hostel for sleep. Was too tired to do anything else & it was past midnight by then. Oh &.. It was cold!

 Reached London airport! Super stoked.
 Piccadilly train station.

SG has ez-link, Lodon's is called Oyster card. Haha.

 My view from inside the train (:
 Momsie was so happy to see Sean after so sooo long. He arrived in London 2 days before we did to do his own stuff.
 Seeing the red buses made me go a bit excited? Hahaha always wanted to see one up close! (:

The hostel we stayed in, St Christopher's Inn.

St Christopher's Inn
121 Borough high street, London
Tel: 44 (207) 9399710

My mum booked the hostel through this site ---> Expedia

 Pink dress: ASOS
Khaki parka: Butteredgun
Brown Oxford ankle boots: The closet lover

 Isn't the set just beautiful?

It was gng 12am & it was really cold! Didn't expect it to be so cold & regretted not bringing enough warm clothes. In fact, my clothes weren't exactly good enough of a material to keep me warm... Pfft.

Till then, will post abt day 2! Day 2 was filled w touristy stuff which means, many many pictures! (:  I promise, the pcitures are lovely. The scenery there is beautiful (:

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