Saturday, May 24, 2014


In a few hours time, i gotta wake up to get ready and head down to the airport. I ma totes excited!! (: Havent een to Europe before. Everyone in my fam has except for me. So i am the most excited. 2 weeks. 2 weeks of pure fun & photo taking! A very good friend told me to rmbr to live in the moment and not behind the lens. (: I shall always keep tt in mind (:

I am gna miss my DD terribly much. She has been kinda distant from me lately. Idk why :( I came home wanting to hug her just like everyday, she greeted me then ran away. She thinks i want to bath her. I do actually. Unfortunately, she refused to let me carry her. Sigh pie.

Anw, she will be in good hands for the next 2 weeks while im gone. I dont want to think abt anything else while im away. I need this break. I do. After everything's tt happened, i deserve this holiday to clear my mind. I hope, i come back a a new mind and soul. 2014 hasnt been a fantastic year for me. Not one bit.

I will miss R. Looking at him makes my heart flutter. & I break out in a smile almost immediately. Esp when he looks at me & smiles. His eyes are.. Zomg. Don't even talk abt his beautiful eyes. His eyes can make hearts melt! I swear!! & Its not just cause i am madly in love w him. His eyes are really beautiful. Yeah maybe im a lil too in love w him. Sounding a tad creepy. Lol.

Well, till then everyone! Will be back on June 8. Will be back w lotsa pics! ^^

P.S. Why do i have this feeling i am leaving something behind? Like i feel somethings gna upset me while im away. Sigh. Please let it not be abt tt.... Have had enough, really. I wld like for it to stop. Im tired & mentally drained emotionally. Just want it to stop..

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