Wednesday, May 14, 2014

We are getting there.

 Outer wear: Cotton On
Colourblock top:
Floral flare pants: F21
Purple Wedges: Payless

We are slowly getting there. People always say "A leopard never changes it's spots". Tt is true. But why isit tt i am the only one who believes the best in you & after everything you have done to me, the many disappointments we have made each other feel... I am still standing right by your side after all this time. Funny what love can do to you. It makes you feel like yanking your hair out & all sorts of anger issues, but at the same time it's the only feeling you have tt makes your entire life feel like it was all worth it & you're on cloud 9. A weird thing love is. But i have faith in us. At least i think i do.

Anyhoos, 1 & a half more weeks to Europe! I'm excited. I need this break from reality desperately. I deserve this trip. For the horrible months i have been having, i hope this trip will rejuvenate my soul & clear my mind of unwanted thoughts & feelings.

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