Sunday, August 25, 2013

The colour run 2013!

As most of u who are not living under a rock wld hv alr known & seen manyyyy pictures of The Colour Run event! It was sold out within hours from the opening of registration. I was so excited abt it. I waited lika kid who cldnt wait for her ice cream. I was looking forward to the day. & Man, when the day arrived, i was all pumped & cldnt wait to be covered in colours!

It's a 5km run whereby every 1km u reach, a colour will be thrown at u. So there were 4 colours: Pink, Blue, Yellow & Red. I thought there wld be green though. So anw, the 5km RUN turned into a WALK & a super slow jog. Nobody bothered to run lor. Hahaha i swear this is the most tedious 5km i've ever "ran". Every 5mins tt we jogged, there'd be a huge group of people walking at snail speed. Plus it's quite difficult to get pass them as there were many many participants. Every checkpoint there's a water booth. People were dressed in spontaneous outfits! It was madness! If i'd known u cld wear anything to the event, i'd worn a tutu! Tell me which run-events allows u to wear out of the world outfits?! None except the colour run!!

So, here's a vid to show ya'll how my colour run went! (: Watch till the end, i promise u won't regret! (:

P.S. I'm prolly in Bali now soaking up the sand, salty water & air :)))


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