Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kite flying.

I have been asking R to go Kite flying w me & on a picnic for ages!!! We finally went tgth w our fav couple last month. I cooked everything from the chicken to the desserts. It was an evening picnic while we flew our eagle kite. Sadly, my eagle kite flew away when the boys were playing it :'(

Here are the list of equipments u can purchase from:

  • Plastic containers- SKP, or if u have spare ones lying ard use them
  • Ice cream plastic jars- Rochor Centre. *Glass cannot be used to freeze things*
  • Wooden tray(used to put the creme brulee)- Daiso
  • Kite- Rochor Centre
  • Brown string: Daiso
Here's the list of ingredients u can purchase from:
  • Mission wrap: NTUC (i used wholegrain)
  • Turkey ham: Mustafa
  • Cranberries: Cold Storage
  • Mixed Salad: Mustafa
  • Kampong Chicken: Mustafa
  • Whipping cream (for ice cream & creme brulee): Phoon Huat

 photo IMG_9432_zpsad72bc41.jpg
 photo IMG_9431_zps225860ec.jpg
Mission wrap + cranberries + turkey ham + salad + bechamel sauce + chopped garlic.
 photo IMG_9433_zps0e25067d.jpg
Mesclun salad + cherry tomatoes + Vinaigrette.
 photo IMG_9434_zpsde0145a0.jpg
 photo IMG_9650_zps43a3687b.jpg
Roasted chicken marinated overnight w herbs & chilli powder, stuffed w garlic inside the carcass.
 photo IMG_9436_zps1a81098f.jpg
 photo IMG_9437_zpsaa2cf276.jpg
I made 2 flavours of ice cream: Coffee & Vanilla.
 photo IMG_9438_zpsfd8d2f85.jpg
Vanilla creme brulee.
Was so darn happy it turned out well in ma oven!! First time baking it in my oven. Was so afraid it it wld fail.
 photo IMG_9440_zps9b4fb69c.jpg
Tomato soup w herbs in a jar.
 photo IMG_9453_zpse504076f.jpg
 photo IMG_9443_zps0c0486bc.jpg
Cherry tomatoes tossed in vinaigrette dressing.

 photo IMG_9441_zps7824eb52.jpg
 photo IMG_9445_zps78d97e88.jpg
 photo IMG_9661_zps923d28f7.jpg


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