Tuesday, May 15, 2007

didnt attend the cousillor meeting today. i overslept. supposed to go out with daphne so tt she can buy the cardigen for louis. i really admire her. she went around s'pore for the past few weeks looking for the cardi tt louis has always wanted. cause it was always out of stock. then today. she finally got it. i couldn't go out with her last minute cause mum was at home and i didn't go sch. she won't allow. then in the afternoon the softballers came over to my place. we cooked and baked. it was fun. we watched friends, as usual. it's fun being around them. their're full of nonsense. haha. then at one part, rakhi turned to me and said ' dont be sad la. dont think aout him alr. we came here to cheer you up.' and i was like.. omg. so sweet. cause i thought they came over just for fun. i was really touched. i really feel blessed being around all my sunhine friends. im really grateful to those who have been trying to cheer me up. those who have stuck by me all this time. their're my TRUE friends. (: and im not gonna let them go.
it'll probably take a really long time for me to let go of him. but i'm gonna try. no matter how many times i have to try, i'll not give up. i told him i'll wait for him. and deep down inside of me, i want to wait for him. yet, i know tt it's not worth it. i know clearly tt his happy with her. and i dont wanna do anything to upset him. so why cant i just let go? cause seeing him happy makes my heart ache. i love him too much to let go of. but if tt's what he wants, and his happy, then fine. ): sighs* i hate this. he was my whole world, my everything. now, i lost him and im the miserable one. my hearts aching. it's so darn painful. i go school just to see him. sometimes i wish i dont. cause it hurts. )):
found out yesterday tt tash has a boyfriend. nik's already attached months ago. so.. yeahs. my twin sisters are both attached. happy for them. cause they seem really happy. esp tash la. bluff mum say she eating with her team-mates. and we saw her at bishan with her bf. after tt, when she came hme she told us she with tt guy. tt guy's not bad looking la. so-so. can tell tt tash is really happy. and nik, she's obviously happy too. i started suspecting tt tash has a boyfriends when she started treating me so nice all of a sudden. LOLS.
exams are over anyway. ((: yay* no more studying. but the start of trainings begin. SRC's next month and we haven't even started training. GSS is coming too! shopping. hees. can't wait. alr spent alot of money for the past few days. so gotta save. tt's all for now.

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