Thursday, November 30, 2006

its been 3 days since i've seen him as his at a training camp. anywaes, i went out quite alot dis few daes. woke up early too, plus slept late. went out wit the twins. mum bot me afew stuff. love it ! she bot me 2 beautiful dresses, a pair of fancy luking shorts, n a wedged shoe which i've been wanting!! LOVE EM !den todae's the twins prom nite. dey luk gorgeous. (: accopanied dem to bugis shaw hse ta do deir make up n hair. deir hair was done sp NICE !! hahas. seriously! but d make up ? .. nahs. kinda, yucks* lols` but it was "mended". tash luked lyk poison ivy, wheras nik luked lyk a princess. but dey both luked really pretty . hees. anywaes, gta wake up early tmr. n it's lyk 2.40am. aites gta go alrdy. tooDLES !! (:

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