Tuesday, November 14, 2006

dis morn had training. everytime i train it feels so meaningless w/o him ard. i had a glimpse of joy thinking dat he'd cum cos he told me he was on his way. hlf past nine, he hadn't showed up. so i figured he was gonna turn up anymore. i had no mood to train at ol. afta training , no msges or cols frm him at ol. i was so pissed. i coled him n he din pick up. den he msged me ta tell me dat his grandad was being admitted into d hosp. den dat's where i knew, ol d misery n neglectness frm him is gonna cm even more. sighs* why does it gta happen now. im so wishing, no wait, i mean WANTING ! for a chng in him. seriously ! his driving me nuts ! he kips hurting me w/o realisation. sighs* alright ! enuf of him already ! GUESS WAT ?!


wheees. lols` d curls aren't dat nice. wen i tie my hair, it luks lyk bush ! zzzk* lols` thanks God fer jac, she told me ta use dis particular clip datbse owaes use. thinking of it, it'll luk beta den. has ! sighs* unfortunately i got so many negative comments frm ppl. boohoos*

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