Wednesday, November 1, 2006

came back frm camp ytd. met irwan den went hme ard 2plus. i dozed off d moment i rched hme. e1 coled me at abt 11:41pm. den we toked fer awhile den i went to slp agn. den woke up at 8.26am. hahas. i slpet fer lyk 13 hrs. my greatest record. i was too tired lah. din get enuf slp during d camp. nw il tok abt d camp .

day 1
we took a bus to changi den took a boat to pulau ubin. ech grp hadda caryy a jerry can. it was DAMN heavy lahs. we somore hadda wok to d plc frm pulau ubin fer 2hrs. smbody went to throw d jerry can infrnt of d van so mr loh decided to make em carry. but cos it was slowing dem dwn. so we left it at a plc n d van came to pick it up. we rched d plc near d quarry. it was ol rocks. so we were practically slping on rocks. lols` d leaders went into d quarry. didn't jump, js eh dip. cos it was getting late. den dey hadda chng bhind d bushes. no loo dere. counsillors didn't jump. so we didn't bath fer 1 n a hlf daes.

day 2
we woked back to pulau ubin strting area fer 2hrs agn. den we went to jalan bahtra. d campsite was nice. back to civilisation. hahas. so we bathed . FINALLY ! hahas. d grps had games n ol n grp discussion. b4 we went to d cemetry we made dem watch gost stories. it was sm kinda thai movie. damn tooting scary. i din watch. i only hear. lols` scared lahs. den in d nite we went to lim chu kang fer nite wok . we woked to d bus stop fer sbs transport. den d counsillors went to d respective stations to make sure nthing goes wrng. unfortunately only abt 7 ppl did d nite wok. cos dere was a ritual going on. so FREAKY ! really .. d ppl lyk strted to throw paper money everywhere. den d priest strted shaking . des said he went into d dead's body. so scary lahs. dn he suddenly scream . we gta shock lahs. so scary !! den one of d deceased related members told javier to stop ppl frm woking cos it was distracting dem n oso lyk no respect. so we haddas top n wok a BIG rnd back to d strting pint. den we ran 8km run. hahas. cool rite . lols` i ran bhind to pull d slow wans. pull until my tummy pain. cos deir pace too slow. den i had butt cramps leg crapms hand cramps back cramps. everywhere cramps. lols`

day 3
we watched many scary movies. i cant rally rmbr wat we did lahs. lols`

day 4
we went to labourdore adventure centre. a new campsite.d leaders ran d camp . so we can c deir leardership skills. we went to labourdore park to plae games n ol. den in d nite we had a surprise fer d leaders coled d ltc ntie. haha. buffet seh !! lols` den we watched movie till 3 am plus. but so many ppl slping alrdy. den a grp of d counsillor boy draw on alot of ppl's legs. lols` i slpet lyk one of d lastest n dey drew on me. i didn't feel a thing. i was too tired i think. lols`

day 5
GO HME ! WHEEES. HAPPY LYK SHIAT. HAHAS. mr loh discuseed wit me jac n jp abt d sec 4 n 5 dina n dance. prom nite. we ms wear gown ! whheees. so happy sial !

dats ol. x)

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