Monday, November 20, 2006

his grandad's still in d hosp fer abt a wik or so. i hope dat his grandad will b fine. his lyk so upset. i dislike it wen his sad. cos den i noe il haf a bad dae. sighs !! sm things i wanna sae, but it js can't b revealed. frens cm n go. but to me, relationships r everlasting. his lyk 98% of my joy. sm frens il def treasure. but those hu're js plaeing i don treasure. those r d frens where i don even classify dem unda real frens. anywaes, i really miss him. nt seeing him fer js 1 dae practically KILLS me !! mayb i stick to him too much. trying o let go is smthing dat's hard to accomplish. it sucks even trying it. even if i had frens dat'll bring me out most of d time ta get my mind off him , i noe dat ultimately at d end of d dae, il still think abt him n miss him so much dat my heart will ache. wateva.
this thurs is d D&D, prom nite. me n jac r d emcees. yays* kinda can't wait ta c ol d graduates dressed up in gorgeous dresses ! hahas. kinda exciting. somore counsillors haf a hotel rm booked js fer dem. 2 hotel rms. unfortunately i can't stae :[ hmpf !! my mum don allow.

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