Monday, June 5, 2006

todae was d GRAND FINALE of d emerge 2006 conf. it was okae lahs .. i prefered ytd's wan. it was more lyk eh grand finae den todae's wan . yups` but overall d whole emerge conf was POWERFUL ! loved it. cld really feel d presence of GOD . wanna strt afresh. its gonna tk really long but i noe dat it's worth it. afta todae's emerge, dad came to fetch me n twins den we went to eat. seriously i was hoping dat he wldn't comment anything abt me n my sophisicated life. obviously he did. urghh-` i js don lyk to tok abt my life. i hate it. HATE . hais.. dere r smthings dat r meant not to b said. n mayb i js don wanna do anything abt it cos dere is NOTHING dat i can do. n wadeva my dad saes, not all of em r even true. anywae almostall is wrng lahs .. he can se wadeva he wants but i noe truth. dats wad matters to me. dats all. was so pised wi him js now.

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