Thursday, June 1, 2006

back frm camp. didn't njoy d sec 3 camp at all . it was so darn boring !! d camp was done by outside intructors. dey weren't even good. we went to changi to camp.1st day we were seperated into groups. thank God i was wit sm of my class ppl. total dere were 10 grps. i was in grp 6.
grp 1-5 will go to pulau ubin to cycle ( bike trial)
grp6-10 will do river rafting at changi . we gotta build our own raft wit pipes , ropes n floats. d pipes were big n long one . it was quite fun lahs. but mking it was tiring. getting it on water was fun . cos we gotta get on our rafts. even tho my grp's raft was like so , koyak . but it still floated. otha den river rafting .. d WHOLE dae we plaed games or js sit ard. which was extremely boring !! SO SO boring. technically dis whole camp is very slack.

grp6-10 go pulau ubin n grp1-5 will do river rafting
so we cycled in pulau ubin . kinda fun but afta awhile its tiring. we took a bumboat frm changi to pulau ubin. afta dat we ate our lunch dere den cycle agn. but only 40 ppl is allowed to cycle. so my grp decided not to cycle. which was a bad idea. d journey to a certain plc was SO long. n back too. we wok back alrdy is very long , n we somore wok d wrng way. plus d sun shining at us , really hot. den we took a bumboat back to changi. in d nite we hadda "campfire" . mdm aini n sm chers came to watch. we all did our grp cheer. d "campfire" was not even fire. it was js 3 torchlites. so pathetic. hahas. afta dat d camp commander said dat since we were so gd dey will gif us freetime. so no litesout. no timing too . d 3 chrs in chrage came to check on d camp. n students were woking everywhere. so dey were shocked. n it was alrdy 11+ n 11+ is d tim fer litesout. so d camp commander coled d students back n told dem ms go back ta sleep. so couslers hadda miting. n we all gave out points abt d instructors. it was horrible. dey don haf time management , responsibility, deir're MAJORLY boring . ai ya` d whole camp's boring lahs. hahas. waste my $70 only. d 2nd dae i ton d whole nite wit d counslers. we crapped alot. den jp went ta sleep so left me n grace. den afta dat grace n sm of d otha counslers went back to deir chalet. so lucky. den left me n sm othas. den 1 by 1 most of em knocked out . so left me aiman n christopher. den it was 5am + alrdy. den dey don lemme sleep wan me to not sleep for d whole niteuntil 6am which is d time d campers wake up. hahas. gosh` afta 6am dey left. everybody woke up. i sat slept on d chair fer a short while den d nepalese came. hahas. den afta a very lng time den we went back to skul den home.


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