Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gold Coast- Kangaroo Park + Tamborine National Park

The first couple of days in Gold Coast was spent with my mum & her running group. We visited places such as Tamborine National Park & Kangaroo Park. 
Kangaroo Park was a lil sad cause we only managed to spot ONE Kangaroo despite the name of the park. Hahaha. I tried chasing after it trying to get a shot but it hopped away so fast. But the park was beautiful! Very nice for taking photos!

Tamborine park was disappointing. It wasn't as how we had pictured it to be. Also, photos of the park seen on the internet is not at all accurate. We wanted to hike up to the waterfall area, as seen from the photos posted by people, it looked so pretty! But when we got to the top where the waterfall is, we were so disappointed! It wasn't really a waterfall either. Plus, the hike up wasn't as scenic so i would def recommend giving this a miss. I am sure there are way better stuff to see in Gold Coast.

There was a gallery walk near Tamborine area which had a long row of stores selling cute lil knick knacks.  

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