Thursday, October 20, 2016

Burleigh heads beach

Burleigh Heads Beach is an extremely beautiful place! Despite it being winter, the sun was shining so bright it wasn't even that cold! People were out sun bathing & playing in the water. Perf weather combo to be out & about. Something i sometimes wish SG possessed. Here, we only have one season all year round- SUMMER for 365 days!

I wanted to fly my drone at the beach. Unfortunately, there are rules & regulations everywhere. If caught, you can be fined up to $9K! Also, there were news reports that a guy flew his drone at the beach and it nearly clashed with the rescue helicopters. Thus, a warning was put out alarming those who intend to fy their drones to avoid flying it at over populated areas or near helipads. There are several helicopters flying in Australia anyway. So i decided not to risk it. 

I did hgave an awesome time spent with my brother & mum tho. We did cartwheels on the beach & chilled at a nice spot with a beautiful view right infront of our eyes. Definitely a great way to end our Aussie trip before we were headed back to SG! (:

Before we headed to the beach, we filled our tummies first! We headed to The Pantry for some good ol breakfast!

The Pantry
Address: 15 Connor St, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220, Australia
Opening hours: 6am-2.30pm

 Asparagus Hollandaise- $15.90
(Fresh asparagus, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, served on toasted turkish bread.)

My mum had this dish & she said it was lovely! Bread was soft & light. Hollandaise sauce wasn't overpowering & the consistency was just right!
 Canadian Breakfast- $13.90
(Bacon & Eggs served on a pancake with maple syrup.)

I had this dish & it was amazing! I ate every last bit of it & was secretly happy that neither my mum nor brother wanted a bite of it!
 Waffle On- $14.30
(Toasted waffle, bacon, grilled banana & maple syrup)

My brother does not eat eggs, so he requested for no eggs on his dish. But he said it tasted good though!
 There's a row of shops where you can walk around too! I love the shops in Byron Bay. They are small & cosy. I wish i could purchase everything in the stores as it is mostly vintage items! What's not to love really.

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