Thursday, October 13, 2016

Gold Coast Airport Marathon

Shortly after i came back from Melbourne, i flew off to Gold Coast with my mother. The main purpose of this trip was to attend the Gold Coast Airport Marathon. Apparently this race is a pretty huge deal & garners over 10k participants. I offered to go with my mum just to ensure that she is safe & nothing happens to her during her run. She joined the half marathon(21km) category, whereas, i joined the 10km category. Mine isn't considered to be a marathon! Hahaha. I am not a long distance runner. In fact, i don't even like running long distances! Gotta give it to my mum for completing the 21km race in 2hours flat!! My mum's 50+. So for a woman her age to complete a half marathon at 2hours flat is pretty damn amazing. She was determined to complete it at least under 2hours. Her first 21km she completed it in 2hrs15mins. She shaved off 15mins! That's beyond amazing. So proud!!

The entire event was very well organized! Something sometimes i wish some SG running organizations would possess. As there were several races going on, they planned it in a way where none of the categories would clash! There was enough space for everyone & it wasn't squeezy at all.

I completed my 10km run within 57mins! My first 10km i completed it in 1hr6mins. I think it's because of the cooling weather thus, everyone could beat their PB timings!

Coach Lexus. He coaches the F1 Running Group. My mum has been in the group for quite some time alr. Her running has improved tremendously! 

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