Saturday, June 29, 2013

Father's Day & Mother's Day.

 photo IMG_8663_zps178df208.jpg

Father's day was couple of days ago & this time, for the 2nd time, we celebrated it at my workplace. I had to work tt day so i thought why not get my dad & the twins to the restaurant for a Father's Day Brunch. At least i could see my dad for Father's day.

I had a extremely exhausting Sunday. Busy for breakfast & brunch. I was so worn out by the time brunch service was about to end, my body was shutting down on me alr. But even in the midst of my business, as i looked out the kitchen to steal glances at my dad spending time w the twins & laughing so happily.. It gave me a warm tingling feeling. I felt a sense of relieve & glee in my heart.

 photo IMG_8658_zps30a319b1.jpg

The last time i saw my dad smile tt warmly would be when i was 6. Sisters and i were 6 & 7 then. My dad wld often bring us to the TPY Safra indoor playground which was absolute fun, to play. As we were ran around playing, i looked down at my dad & saw him looking up. He wore an expression which seemed to say "Look at my daughters playing so happily like there is no care in the world. I am happy that they are happy."Then he smiled. That is one moment i will never forget.

 photo IMG_7924_zps1c56a831.jpg

Mother's Day was spent at Habitat Coffee which my fam & i hv been frequenting quite a lot recently. We surprised our mum the following day with a roomful of flowers & decorated her bed frame with pictures of the family & twined bright orangy leaves around her bed frame.

 photo IMG_7949_zps435816df.jpg
 photo IMG_7984_zpsc1eba425.jpg

The moment she stepped into her room aft work & saw the variety of flowers lined up against the wall & family portaits hung above her bed, she smiled & the look on her face was priceless.

We do things like these to make our parents smile not because it's an occasion & we ought to do it. No, not tt way. We do it because we love our parents & we treasure them for all the hardship they've been through to get us to where we are today. We do it not to please them, but to give them back the countless hours they spent working their butts off for us, just for a moment of happiness where they will remember it for life. Things like these, mean a lot to them. To know tt their children still care goes a long way.


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