Monday, April 16, 2007

school's a bore, friend's are crazy.

anyways, i', waiting patiently for my line. even though the line sucks big BIG time, heck! i'm glad that at least i have a line. the line is free or something. my mum got a hp and line for free. the line's crazy la. each sms is 20cents. that's like .. WOAH ! each call for 1 min is 15 cents. like.. wth?? i told my mum to get me another line cause i will be using it forever, so paying afew more won't matter. i promised her i won't lose my phone again. and this was her reply ' no, you keep loosing your phone. and this line is free. i don't want to waste any money.' ughhs* nvm. i'll buy myself a pre-paid card. i'm not very sure when i'll get the line, but i'm pretty sure it's somewhere this month. i wanna buy a new phone too. cause the free hp is nokia 6070, which obviously is lousy. so i'll use that for the pre-paid line. then i wanna ask my dad to go with me to buy the sony ericsson 850i. i'm head over heels for that phone !! hees. i'll pay for 40% of the phone. but i'm afraid to ask my dad. cause i'm feel bad askinhg him to buy me a phone. already the previous phone he got me was the best phone i've ever got. even though it was 2nd hand, so what? it's from him. plus i know it took him all his blood,sweat and effort to buy the phone. and if he does buy me a new hp, hopefully he will, i will def NOT lose it ever. i'll keep it close to me. i'll check my bag or whatever to make sure it's there every now and then. i really really want that sony ericsson 850i hp !!!!!! okay, IF i really do get that dream phone i want, i'll def be good man. studies obviously i'll TRY not to fail. it's embarassing for me to say this plus it's dumb, but it's a fact. i AM taking the same subjects plus i'm learning it twice. so i HAVE to past even if i don't study much. then again, looking back.. they changed the syllabus and added more stuff into the subjects. if not i won't be studying that much la. whatever. just pass well can already

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