Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Krabi : Rock Climbing @ Diamond Cave + Krabi Town

Sorry for the long hiatus! Been so busy & partly lazy that i didn't post bout my Krabi trip. I haven't even done up the video ermagawd.

The main purpose of this trip was to rock climb. Ridzuan has never done natural rock climbing before. For someone who's forte is climbing & was in the National Youth Climbing Team, it would be a real shame if he didn't get to at least climb natural rocks once in his life. He was insanely happy during his first climb & watching him scale the walls makes my eyes do the emoji heart eyes expression hahaha.

Rock Climbing @ Diamond Cave

Website: King Climbers
Cost: 1000baht/person

There are 2 time slots to climb - 9am-1pm & 12pm-4pm

I would def recommend climbing in the morning instead. We booked through King Climbers & transport was provided for us. The amazing thing about Krabi is that their tourist attraction in terms of logistics & transport is all so well thought of & i love it!

They have drivers to pick you from whichever resort/hostel you are staying at. Basically all the activities we did we were picked up by the respective company's driver. They even bring you back to your hotel after the activity. Everything is accounted for in what you pay so it's pretty damn worth it.

NOTE: You do not need to have level 1 or 2 to be eligible to climb. Anyone can climb as there are guides available to belay/guide you.

 We were brought to the King Climber's shop which was a 15mins walk from the jetty. Took our climbing equipments & headed to Diamond Cave to climb. 4Hours of climbing is more than enough time to try every wall & route. There were quite a number of people climbing but you will def get your turn to climb within the 4Hours time frame.

Krabi Town

Address: Sukhon Road (Soi 10) | Chao Fah Pier (Khong Kha Road) 
Opening Hours: 6-11pm

Krabi Town is a night market where they have booths selling delicious food & other items. I was told that they only operate on weekends. If you rent a bike & ride there yourself, it takes roughly bout half an hour from Aonang Beach. Or you can just take a cab there.

The food was sooo good! R & i had a ball of a time stuffing our faces lol. Also some of their items sold are locally handmade like one of the tie dye bags which i bought (shown in one of the photos provided below). It was pretty reasonable like ard SGD12 i think?

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