Thursday, August 11, 2016

Street Food

  1. Rain Or Shine
Rain or Shine is an ice cream shop that sells a wide variety of flavors. Every single week without faily, i would walk over to the shop to purchase a cone. They have a few categories of ice creams such as "The Keepers" & 'Seasonal Flings".

I only tried the flavors under "The Keepers". Because the flavors in that category were more like what i would eat. Anw, i tried all the flavors except fot 2 as i am not a fan of Sorbet. I love that the texture of their ice cream is so smooth. Also, it's only $5.65 for a scoop with cone! Their scoop is extremely generous too! They make the cones on the spot! It's super awesome. 

Address: 1926 West 4th Ave #102, Vancouver, BC V6J 1M6, CanadaPhone+1 604-428-7246Opening Hours: 12pm-10pm

London Fog & Coffee Toffee.
Love these flavours as well but maybe i shldn't have ordered them tgth. Both flavours dont go well tgth. They have a 2 flavours in 1 scoop thing. So you can try more flavours & you pay the same price at the same amt of ice cream given! I really love the Coffee Toffee!
Malted Milk Chocolate.
This is one of my fav flavours which i constantly ordered.

Honey Lavendar & Peanut Butter.
I ordered 2 scoops to share with my mum.

2. Oreo Thins

Okay this isn't a street food but i had to post it. SG does not have these Oreo Thins. I've searched for em but didn't see any. I actually prefer my Oreos to be eaten thin than a thick one. I finished this entire packet of Oreo Thins!! They were so good! Like crunchier thin than thick. Also the creamy thing in the middle is lesser so.. Bonus points! Lol.

3. Japadog

Website: Japadog

Japadog is a food truck that sells fusion hot dogs- Japanese & Western. I absolutely love their hot dogs. Best hot dogs i've ever had. My fav was the Terimayo, which happens to be a crowd fav too! They are located at a couple of places within Vancouver. Go to their website to find out the locations. If you ever do come across a Japadog food truck, you HAVE TO try their mad delicious hot dogs. 

(Left to right): Terimayo Hot dog & Hot&Spicy hot dog.

Loved the Terimayo hot dog but not the Hot & Spicy one tho. The hot & spicy hot dog filling was served cold with the sausage hot. It's kinda weird. Also the chilli was kinda spicy. I'd def pick the Terimayo hands down.
(Left to right): Love meat & Okonomi.
Both equally delish! (:

4. Tacofino

Tacofino is a Mexican food truck. Their burritos are so good! Esp the pull pork burrito! for $11 i'd say it's pretty damn worth it for the portion given & quality of food! SO DARN GOOD! They were located somewhere along Burrard street. You can always google to find their location!

6. Nook

Nook is an Italian restaurant & they make their own pastas & pizzas. I absolutely love their thin crusted pizzas & pasta. Every dish had so much flavour it was a really awesome meal! Plus the prices are affordable!
Address: 1525 Yew St, Vancouver, BC V6K 3E5, Canada
Phone:+1 604-734-0099

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