Monday, August 29, 2016


I have never been to Melbourne, but i have heard wonderful stories of the country. The most popular one being that Melbourne is a Coffee heaven! & Boy was it true! I absolutely loved the coffee brewed there. It's not too bitter which is perf for my tastebuds. I don't even have to add sugar which is what i normally do. 

The buildings here are so English like that it reminds me abit of London! My friend & i stayed with our mutual friend's sister who owns an apartment there. She told us that Melbourne is a major hipster country. Hahaha. After seeing it all, i totally agree! There are tons of cafes & all of which serves up a good meal! 

Oh &, the best part.. MELBOURNE IS A SHOPPING PARADISE!!!!!
I am def going back to Melb jsut to shop! It's amazing i swear! Their branded goods such as addidas, Puma, Nike, Volcom, Lovisa etc. are sold at huge factory price at the Direct Factory Outlets. It so incredibly awesome i wish i had brought more money & a higher weight check in for my luggage. 
I will do a seperate entry for the DFO shopping in Melbourne.

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