Friday, September 11, 2015

Hong Kong with love.

 The bus to Sai Kung Pier is ocated directly opposite this ice cream shop!

 10SGD ice cream. So expensive but it's yumzz!

 On the first day that we arrived in HK, R & i reached ard 10am at our hostel. We stayed at Mongkok which is a great location as it is in the middle of the places we wanted to go which made our travelling time shorter compared to staying some place further. Ntm, Mongkok is a pretty happening place. Even at 11pm the roads are filled with people. HK is so crowded 24/7 it gave me a lil headache. My main purpose of gg to HK was to hike. So yes, we avoided the crowd quite alot during our holiday.

Just a note in case any of you intend to do some hiking in HK.. Most of the mountains start from Sai Kung. There is a bus tt takes you straight to the Sai Kung pier from Mongkok. Below is the location.

43 Dundas rd (Off waterloo rd), Outside Kwong Wah Hospital

This is the bus (pic above). From Sai Kung Pier, there is a bus tt runs 24/7 to bring you back to Mongkok. Cost 16HKD/person. Which is why i said staying in Mongkok is pretty awesome as it is so convenient. There are several vintage shops which has rly nice & quirky items that you will def find if u look hard enough. Plus, it's so cheap! Most of these vintage stores have a section that's a buy 5 get 1 free thing. & Each item is priced at less than 1SGD! How awesome?! 

It's honestly a sea of clothes that those who appreciate vintage wld go crazy! I def did! Oh &, it's 2 storeys! You are sure to find something you like, trust me. 

Do keep a lookout for my HK video which i am gna compile all 5days into 1 video! (:

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