Monday, September 14, 2015

Happy birthday Daddy, i miss you.

Happy birthday Daddy. It's not even been a year since you left, & i miss you so much. I've repeated this so many times to myself & i often find myself wondering if you can hear me. Till this day, i've thought about the numerous "what if's" you were still around & the things i would do to make it up to you for the countless of empty promises i made to you & the times i let you down.

I wonder if you are okay up there. I hope you are having a party in heaven for your birthday.  I miss you so much & i wish you were here by my side. I think, i've cried so many times on several occassions be it at home, in the bus, on R's bike, work  etc. It seems i can never be all cried out whenever the thought of how much i wish you were by my side, alive on earth, hugging me when you see me, kissing me on the cheek, can make me feel. I just want you back even though i know it's impossible. I have so many things to tell you & most of all, to tell you how much i love you. That i feel so empty ever since you left so abruptly. Looking at your picture everyday on my screensaver made my heart sink each time i used my phone. Every morn when i wake, it's like a huge wave that drags me into the deep ocean, reminding me that you are not around. & Nothing i do will ever change that.

I miss you daddy. I love you so much. Happy birthday to the greatest father who loved me unconditionally. Till i see you again daddy, i'll have stories to share with you.

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