Wednesday, April 1, 2015


In January, i took a trip to Kuching after my HK trip w L to visit Hazel! I've never been to that part of Msia before. Upon arrival, i was pretty shocked when i was in the car otw to Hazel's house by what i was seeing. Kuching is really clean & organized! Ntm, relatively quiet compared to other parts of Msia. It truly is a great place for ppl to come to relax & eat! Food there is cheap & super delicious. Worth every penny.

Stayed there for abt a week. Kuching is a quiet country. Not much activities to do nor see. If you are a huge fan of cafe hopping, then Kuching is def the right place for u to go crazy for they have many many cafes tt are all unique in it's own ways.

The long house tour

I went on a 1 day tour & visited the long houses(kampong area) of Kuching. The tour included kayaking ard the Borneo River, Long house visit & Orang Utan jungle. Total package cost abt 100sgd. Can't rmbr the company i went with tho.

The tour guide brought me to a house where in the olden days, men wld behead their enemies to show tt their manhood. A ritual will be performed after tt. The room gave me the creeps seeing the skulls hung right above me.

 Pitcher plant.

The Orang Utan Visit

 Look at how huge the plate is! LOL!

 The 4 cheese pizza is so damn good!!!!

Rusty Bean & Batter Cafe

M42/M43, Level 1, ST3 Shopping Mall, 
Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia

 The Rusty Fairy- Fluffy candy floss + Frothed milk + Coffee

 Alice in Wonderland waffle with Chocolate i/c

Bee J You Tiao 必佳油条

Expert Coffee Shop
4 1/2 Mile Penrissen Road

 Hazel's mum makes the BEST YOU TIAO in the world ever. ITS SO GOOD I EVEN DREAMT ABT IT!

 They make it fresh upon order. HOW AWESOME IS TT!!!! If u ever visit Kuching, u HAVE TO drop by Expert Coffee Shop & order You Tiao from Bee J You Tiao. MUST! I wld fly back to Kuching just for tt man. Not kidding.

 My fav- Kaya filled You Tiao *Salivating looking at it now*

Sarawak Cultural village

Damai Beach Resort, 93762 Kuching, Malaysia
+60 82-846 411
If u are interested in learning more about the history of Sarawak, i highly recommend visiting the Cultural Village to increase your knowledge. It is pretty interesting visiting all the Sarawak houses built by their people back in the days- Orang Ulu, Bidayauh, Iban and Melanau, as well as Chinese and Malay houses. It is also the location of the famous Rainforest World Music Festival that takes place once a year! 

 Damai Beach. 
So damn beautiful!

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