Thursday, March 12, 2015

Shopping In Hong Kong!

Just as my subject title states: Shopping in Hong Kong!

Tbh, i never rly enjoyed shopping in HK as i felt tt the prices are somewhat similar to SG's. Or rather, not just abt disliking the fact tt there's always nothing much i fancy in HK other than the food, i felt there wasnt much to do there. The other times i visited HK, it was always with my family. Specifically, my mum. She always brought my siblings & i to places she'd shop & dine at. All of which are pretty atas places & of course, all these comes with a hefty price tag in which i am not willing to fork out for! So this trip w L, was truly an eye opener of what i hopped to see in HK. I did my research on the places i wanted to visit & L wld be the navigator.

I looked through Instagram photos of the places i wanted to visit & listed them all to L. He then chose those tt wld be able to fit into our schedules as some places i picked out were too far & inaccessible if gone by public transport. One of the places we visited, was Ma On Shan. Which is a hiking trail tt is incredibly tiring but the view made the perspiration, sore legs, aching feet & growling tummy all worth it's while.

So anw, back to my topic.. I will cover the hiking post soon. It's an interesting post as a huge hiccup occurred. Shopping in HK is expensive. Or at least i for one find it expensive. I love vintage clothes. I find tt these kinda clothes are rare, & definitely one of a kind. So when L & i were walking ard Mongkok area which happens to be where our hostel is located, we chanced upon a vintage store which had lots of incredibly unique pieces & the best thing is it was all super affordable! There was a rack of vintage clothes gg for HKD5/piece. They were having a promotion at "Buy 5 get 1 free". HOW AWESOME IS TT!!!? Where to find this kind of vintage store u tell me! After converting to SGD, it's about 70CENTS /piece. I went bat shit crazy in tt vintage store & went back almost everyday just to see if they put up new pieces. There was a second level selling more vintage clothes but at SGD15-50. Which, is not tt bad considering there are vintage pieces.

I didn't shop much. I only shopped at the Vintage store, GAP(which was having a major sale) & vintage street stores.

These photos are what we did on the 2nd day. We were supposed to hike at Ma On Shan, but we got lost & ended up at Sai Kung Public Pier. We spent hours gg back & forth trying to find the Maclehose trail which was incredibly difficult to find! So we ended up at the pier & caught the sunset! Despite getting lost, witnessing this beautiful sunset made things a lil better. It's like a small town there. I wld def recommend visiting Sai Kung Pier. We walked ard & found many good food stalls! There's a couple of shops selling vintage items too! Wldn't mind coming back here for the food! Hehe.

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