Monday, March 9, 2015

Hong Kong Visuals

I just realized i havent blogged for more than a month. Oops. Been rly caught up with stuff & work. Yes, i have started working full time after a long hiatus. Everything's been alright so far. Slowly but surely, i am getting there.

Anyway, i took a trip down to Hong Kong in February with L. He speaks Cantonese well enough so it was so much easier communicating with the people there. Also, their menus are written in the old times Chinese which i had a hard time reading! L was a great help being good in language. Thank God for him lest i wld be rly lost. We ate, hiked & roamed ard the streets of HK. All my pictures are taken by L, who was completely patient with me & did not once complain when i asked him to re-take. No matter how many times i asked him to help me snap a photo, he did it anw. & Man, i wish every guy wld be like him. LOL. He was so patient! Honestly, i wasn't expecting him to be so nice to the extend he even volunteered to help me take photos throughout our 5days spent in HK tgth. I am truly blessed to have such a kind & patient friend in my life. Hehe.

Will go more into details on my 5days in HK. We did lots of eating! Dim sum all day err day! (:

These photos are randomly picked based on my 5 days spent in HK! Will blog more abt my days in HK. Esp the hiking one! (:

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