Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our differences is what makes us whole.

Black tube top: OOTD
Wrap printed skirt: Bershka
Chiffon outerwear: Cotton On
Sandals in dark brown: Femme rogue (IG)

I love exploring places w R. He brings me to places i've never been before. It's nice discovering hidden gems of SG. I love taking photos & over the years he has made an effort to accomodate to my hobby. It's not easy being in a inter racial r/s. But it's our differences tt's what makes us interesting. We learn new things abt each other every day. Yes, even after 4years tgth there's still lots to learn abt each other. Initially it was tough for me to adapt to such a huge change in my life & i tried my best to be comfortable in his world. I'm still learning to tho.. But it doesn't mean we love each other any less.

Whenever we head out to eat, this used to be a huge issue between us because of the way we were both brought up. He can eat at coffee shops everyday & not complain abt the heat or how dirty it is. I wld dine at restaurants & not complain about the hefty price tag tt comes along w it. He lives a very simple life. Whereas i was fortunate enough to be brought up in a well to do family & got to experience several luxurious treats in which he never got himself. It's when our paths cross, where we got submerged into each other's worlds. We learned the good & bad, but no matter how big the argument, we always always find our way back to each other. I love him for many reasons. But the main one being- He takes good care of me. He shows it in his acts of services towards me. He tries to give me my kind of love language which is to constantly tell me how much he loves me & physical touch. Not the "sleep together" kind of physical touch obviously. But the "Hold your hands", "Hug me", "Play with my hair" etc. kind of physical touch.

I love him for trying to accomodate to me. I love him for just being him :*)

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