Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hari raya 2014

Being in a inter racial r/s is not easy. I never got used to R's culture. I am learning to tho. For Hari Raya this year, i borrowed momsie's batik skirt and rai's chiffon top to wear. Told R perhaps next year we cld shop for our baju kurungs tgth since his family custom make their outfits every year. It wld be fun to be involved in the entire process for once.

My girlfriends & i started gg visiting tgth 2 years ago. So this year we went again tgth. To JB(Rai's house), then to rai's sister house, to zuby house, to shi kin's house, lastly, to R's place to chill! Every house we ate & ate & ate! Hahaha. We had lotsa fun tgth (: I cherish moments like these cause they don't happen everyday. My friends mean a lot to me. They make me laugh, they do the silliest things & we talk about all sorts of stuff.

I look forward to spending many more years with my friends & R (: The people whom love me & i love back, very much.

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