Saturday, December 7, 2013

Upper eyelid embroidery.

I have small eyes & i wld hv to draw eyeliner everytime i go out. Most of the time i don't cause it always smudges which gets me super irritated! I have overlapping double eyelids which makes it look like i hv single eyelids. Tt's why my eyeliner constantly smudges. 

Years ago, my mum did an upper eyelid embroidery & it made her look better. She need'nt have to draw eyeliner anymore as it is a permanent thing. Say goodbye to waking up early just to draw your eyes & worrying all the time whether it has smudged or not. Momsie booked an appointment for me 3 months in advance. Yes, it takes tt long cause the beautician, Amy, who did it for me, is really good! It is v impt to choose a PROPER beauty salon to do such things for u as it cld ruin your look. I admit, their service cld be a lil better such as being on time on the chosen appointment given as i had to wait 1 hr + prior to my agreed appointment. Tt is smthing u girls wld hv to take note of if u do give Salon #1 Hair & Beauty, a try. I wld say tt the wait was worth while cause i loved how natural Amy drew the eyeliner for me. I didn't want it to look like i slapped on a think layer of eyeliner. It looked v natural & made my eyes slightly bigger. 

The whole procedure was not painful at all. Okay maybe just the left eyelid felt a lil uncomfortable once she started drawing. They will apply lots of numbing cream on your eyelids so u won't feel a thing! It cost $150 (if im not wrong cause my mum paid). 

Do rmbr to ask for Amy when booking your appointment. From what i know, she is the owner of Salon #1 Beauty (her brother, Jason, owns the hair side. Who is really good at hair services if u r interested. I used to cut my hair there till they increased the price.) & is also the best beautician. They are mostly sought after for their upper eyelid embroidery & eyebrow embroidery. 

Salon #1 Hair & Beauty
513 Bishan Street 13
TEL: 62583218

This pic above, was taken BEFORE i did the upper eyelid embroidery. So i had no eye make up done.

This pic was taken after doing the upper eyelid embroidery. Amy drew it upwards a lil to make my eyes slightly bigger. & It was rly nice i love it so much. I made another appointment in March 2014 to do my touchup. She will be drawing it thicker for me then.

P.S. My eyelids were kinda swollen the next morn. It is normal so don't be afraid if it happens to u too.

I was told tt i wld wake up the next morn to a swollen eyelid. & True enough, i did. It looks as if i cried the whole night. LOL. Anw, it went down in the afternoon but my eyes felt a lil uncomfortable. Everything went back to normal on the 2nd day aft doing the upper eyelid embroidery.

So don't worry. U js gotta bear w the uncomfortable tingling sting in your eye for a couple of hours & it will be okay aft awhile.

I'm a happy customer! Happy w the results. Do give Salon #1 Hair & Beauty a try. I will be gng back in March next year for a touch up & i will do another review then. I also opted to go for the eyelash perming. I am v blessed to have long eyelashes. But the annoying thing is tt they always droop down even if i curl it. Anw, i assure u tt Amy is really good. I've seen how she drew for my mum & it is impressive. V well drawn in fact.

Rmbr to make an appointment first before gng down! She is always fully booked. 


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