Sunday, December 1, 2013

Butterscotch cafe.

I spend my Sundays (which happens to be my only off day a week) trying out diff kind of food & finding new cafes. Butterscotch, if i am not wrong, is a halal cafe. I didn't see the sign to it being halal but i was told by R tt as long as there is a Muslim staff working under the company it is known to be halal. So, yup. Plus anw i saw many females in tudung dining there too.

We tried the Alaska Bomb & Blueberry tart. Tbh, i didn't rly like both. To me, it tasted v average. Nothing special. I shall let the pictures do the talking & explain along the way why i didn't enjoy the desserts v much.

Butterscotch cafe
BLK 164, Bukit Merah central

 Yellow bustier eyelet dressLove, Bonito

 Blueberry & strawberry tart- $4 (i cant rmbr the pricing but i think it shld be ard $4?)

This was alright. Nothing fantastic. Considering the pricing of this tart is pretty cheap, the small tart wld be worth the price.

Alaska bomb- $12

This beautiful looking piece of sandwich ice cream (as i wld call it) is covered in meringue tt is torched perfectly. The ice cream tt is sandwiched in between a thick layer of cake is none other than Butterscotch ice cream, js like their cafe name. I loved the taste of the ice cream. 

Unfortunately, the cake tt is used as a "sandwich" was far too dense & dry. I wld hv preferred it to be light & a softer texture. Why? Because the cake was so dry i felt tt it kinda ruined the whole dish for me. & There was a hint of burnt taste every time i ate a forkful of it. I think it may be the meringue? Idk. This dessert was pretty disappointing  It had such a beautiful presentation. Yknow the saying "Looks can be deceiving"? This dessert is a true example of tt phrase. 

Ending off my post w my fav pic of R & i (:


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