Friday, March 24, 2017

Krabi: Emerald Pool + Tab Kak National Park

I stayed at an area that was pretty near Ao Nang Beach. We rented a bike & rode to Emerald pool which was 92km away. This was def the worst decision ever made on this trip. I honestly felt that Emerald Pool is way too overrated. Yes the clear blue turquoise waters look so pristine & beautiful. But there are so many people it just seems more like a swimming pool kinda vibe.
There's a small fee to pay to enter the Emrald Pool.

It was not worth the 90mins ride & having to rush to Tab Kak National Park after. Between the 2, i would definitely recommend hiking at Tak Kak National Park. Although i do need to add that the hike takes about 90mins but it's a gruelling 90mins uphill hike all the way!! Major leg day!

 See what i mean by so many people at Emerald Pool? Check out the background.
 Yep.. More people......
 So we figured, why not go underwater so elminate all the people cause definitely nobody underwater right? Got our couple shot lollll.

 I really wanted a solo shot of myself. But srsly, every angle confirm have people in the background photobombing me -_- So erm, i edited em out & the edited photo is below. Lolll. I used an app on my phone to "erase" those ppl in the background.

 Tab Kak-Hang Nak Hill Nature Trail

**Best to start the hike in the morning & no later than 2pm!

 Do not bother checking out the waterfall. It is nothing great or worth taking an extra hour for. The locals there showed us a photo of the waterfall & it's so soo bad. Id rather hike up to the peak & take photos its so much more worth it!

Clear skies right before it started pouring like crazy.

 It rained so bad we were super cold.

I absolutely loved the hike down cause as it was raining non stop! So R & i ran down the hill & it took us 1hr to get down. Super mad adrenaline rush super shiok feeling (:
Drenched from head to toe but man we were sooo happy.

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