Sunday, July 24, 2016

Whistler Mountain

I gotta admit that heading to Whistler was hands down the best part about the trip!! I loved it SOOOO much it was insane. I went on my own & hitched a ride to the base of the mountain. 

Hitch Planet is the website i used to search for my ride up to Whistler. m/" wrc_done="true">CLICK HERE
to be directed to the page! I was introduced to this site by a colleague i was working with at Fable restaurant. It helps me save a lot of money! If i'd taken the coach, it would cost me about $60 & above. However, thanks to Hitch Planet, i only paid $15 to & fro from the mountain! 
It's considered to be really cheap! Basically how Hitch Planet works is that the drivers will post the date & timing on the destination they will be heading to. So hitchhikers will search for the specific destination they are heading to & hitch a ride with one of the drivers heading towards the same place as you. But of course, do read reviews on the driver to check if he/she is safe to ride with. Same goes for drivers checking out hitch hikers. Works both ways. In general i honestly had a great time spent w my driver & the other hitch hikers that were in the car too. 

If you are keen on hitching a ride with the your chosen driver, you'll need to reserve a seat & make payment first. This Hitch Planet system only works in Vancouver i think! But it's pretty awesome to help tourist or students to save money on the transportation cost!
So for example, on 22 May i reserved a seat with my chosen driver. The driver then accepted & i made payment through my card. Your driver will inform you on the location to meet & stuff. You need to create a profile in order to start using the site as shown in the photo below.

Reached Whistler mountain & was made stoked! I have never seen or touch snow in my life!! So i was so excited i couldnt wait to get up to the mountain to play w snow! I was warned that there may not be much snow left on the mountain as Vancouver was in the midst of a transition into summer. 
I prayed so hard that there will snow! & The mountain was covered in snow as the gondola took me further up the mountain.

Apparently Whistler mountain is biking area too! There was a huge crowd of people with the mountain bikes & all. Super cool tho.

 On my way back i sat on a clear bottom glass gondola. I queued up pretty ling just to take this ride back down! LOL.

Sweets at a sweet shop! I would definitely head back to Whistler if i ever visit Vancouver again! I really loved the place incredibly much! I can now strike off "Snow angel & build snowman" on my list of things to do! Lol.

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