Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's been sometime.

Oh wow. It's been 5 months since i last posted something. I was really swarmed with work from my latest post which was in Nov 2015 till Feb 2016. Which is why i haven't been active on my blog. Then again, i blog for myself to see actually. Lol. I always think ppl don't really read my blog anyway. But if anyone comes across my blog and sees some useful information i guess that's good? At least my blog is put to good use yes? Hahaha.

Okay so where should i begin... I quit my job in Feb & decided to travel around the world. Yes i know. Some of you may think i'm insane. But well, personally i feel that everyone is a work ant. We work almost 3/4 of our lives on this earth. Along the way, we forget how to have fun & to enjoy life. Now, it's not like money suddenly dropped from the sky & i decided to use it to travel. I have been working for almost 5 years. I saved. I made sure i saved at least half or a little more than half of my pay. And thats what i did for several years. That's how i can travel ard the world. I learned to save & had to let go of some luxury i was so used to getting. Seeing the world eld make all the sacrifices worth it.

So far, i've flew to Bangkok, Taiwan & Japan. Oh &, one road trip to KL! Will start with my Taiwan trip photos & post it in the next few days. It's ALOT of photos. Hahaha. Sadly i didn't take any videos during my trip there which i regret very much. I did do videos for my trip to BKK & Japan. My next few post are gna be travel filled info & photos.

Here's a recent photo of me in BKK! I am gna revive this blog. I don't want to lose any memories i've been creating this year. Watch out for my next few post on my trips! (:

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