Saturday, November 28, 2015

Turning 24.

On my 24th birthday, my close friends celebrated with me over a simple Mexican dinner. The place is called, Afterwit. I found the food pretty disappointing. 

My friends & i waited for almost an hour for our food to arrive. I noticed that the other tables also had to wait as long as we did. Yes they were full house. I dont mind waiting for awhile. But 1hr is too much isn't it? Also they ran out of so many items & when we ordered another round of Nachos, they gave so little cheese. The first round of Nachos had a good amount of cheese in it. But the 2nd one was literally scrapes. Wish i had taken a photo of the 2nd one. I will def not go back as i had such a bad experience. The food is the kind tt u can easily do at home. I guess i expected too much from Afterwit. But honestly, their food was so mediocre. Really the kind one can do at home. We had the 'Fiesta de tacos' for $30. IT WAS TOTALLY NOT WORTH IT. All the fillings were so darn little, it cannot fill up 8 of the soft tacos. It was just horrible. My friends and i were pretty appalled. When we informed the sever, she said tt the 4 fillings were all measured out to be the same weight so much so tt it WILL fill all 8 soft tacos. Tt was total bullshit. It cld not fill up all 8. We ended up eating the remaining 4 soft tacos as it is. For $30 it was def not worth it. 

However, the company i had saved the day. I had so much fun with my friends i totally disregarded the bad experience i had there. If i was bored i wld prolly have been angrier. 

 Went ice skating after dinner with Zubz & R. It was quite fun!

Candy & Kh surprised me at work a couple of days after my birthday. They bought my fav food! Super sweet. Hahaha i totally wasnt expecting tt tho. Was pretty touched by their actions & thoughtfulness :*) The cupcakes which are designed chef themed are sooo pretty!!! Look at the details! Super cute! Hahahaha. Candy ordered them from her church friend. It was Pandan flavoured! (:

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