Tuesday, June 9, 2015

My mother, the woman who did it all.

This is def a long overdue post.. But im still gna blog abt it for memory sake. As i had to work on Mother's Day (just like every other year), i brought my mum out for a night picnic after i ended work. I think it's the little things tt counts. Such as, spending the time with your mum be it over a cup of coffee, staying at home catching movies, or even shopping. It's the time spent tgth tt's what makes it worthwhile. As for my mum, time with her children is all she wants more than anything else in the world. Money can buy u luxury & keep u contented up to a certain period. However, money cannot be the main source for keeping one happy.

I've always looked up to my mum for being able to juggle between running her own business, & looking after the 4 of us. She wasn't born into a rich family. She started from the bottom & worked her way up. Everything that my siblings & i have today, the jobs we are currently pursuing, is all because of my mum. If not for her, we wldn't have had the chance to pursue our dream careers. Neither wld we have had a luxury worry free childhood growing up.

6 Months ago, when i lost my dad unexpectedly.. It made me realize not to take anyone for granted. Specifically speaking, loved ones. Now, it's not tt i do not appreciate my parents.. But one doesn't really undst the actual meaning of "Not taking one for granted before it's too late" until it happens to u. & Sadly, i got a taste of what tt felt like. I've always been closer to my dad. But now, all i've got left is my mum. I'm def not ready to lose her. As much as we have had numerous disagreements over countless of stuff, she is still my mother. The bible states to "Never disobey your parents'. I learnt the hard way. So here's to my mother.. The woman who did it all & still managed to put her children before her. Even when she felt like throwing in the towel, she held her head up high & kept going until she saw that her children were ready to fend for themselves. 30 years later, she finally has the TIME & freedom to pursue the things she have always longed to do. She put her hobbies & dreams on hold for us. Now, it's time we do the same for her & ensure she lives her life to the fullest with no regrets & never ever looking back & saying "I wish i had done this/that." I love you incredibly much Mum.

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