Thursday, January 15, 2015

Summer wear

I love to mix & match my clothes. Also, i have been wearing those pair of boots from The Closet Lover to death! I love it so much! It's the perfect pair for rainy days! Wore em out on rainy days & it kept my feet dry. Lol.

Pleated Shorts: Supergurl
Crochet cardigan: Infinite pixie
Brown boots: The Closet Lover

R has been my pillar of strength this past few months. Honestly, i doubt i'd have been relatively okay if not for him. I cld have been far worse. But he pulled me out of the pit hole whenever i started slipping back in. I do love him, very much in fact. He made a promise to a special person to take care of me. I hope, my guardian angel will watch over me & see tt R is fulfilling his promise.

On a side note, i am flying off to HK today. Am so excited (:

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