Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My 22nd surprise.

 At the stroke of midnight, i was still at work & it was my 22nd bday. I cldn't wait to get home to rest as i was worn out. As i had to work on my bday the v next day, i was pretty sad cause i wldnt be able to celebrate. I kinda suspected tt i was gna get a surpirse from my friends so a day before my bday, i started cleaning my room and tidying the house up a bit. Hahaha & in the midst of doing so, my mum asked me why i was so obssesed w cleaning my room & particularly on tt day. I took tt as a confirmation tt i was def gna receive a surprise. Cause the truth is, i always clean my room. But my mum doesnt know tt. So when she asked me i found tt a bit weird. Also, there was a day when i was using R's phone to send some photos to my phone and there was a group chat w the subject "Die la, her bday coming" w my friends. So yes, i alr knew i was gna get a surprise. Hahaha.

Anw, i reached home ard 12.30am & thought i wld see some shoes. They were smart enough to hide it of course. Walking nearer to my room, i heard some sound. I detoured to go to my mums room then walked back to my room & stood right infront of my door. I cld feel the cool air coming from below & the air con was turned on. I wld NVR leave my room w the air con on. So i knew they were inside. Hahaha i took out my hair pins and ruffled my bangs before gng in to receive my surprise.

I was rly happy to see my friends. Every single one of them under 1 roof. The people i love and care abt so much. I was glad i was able to celebrate the first few hours of my bday w the few ppl i truly love. I cldnt be more thankful. R planned all these and i am truly grateful and thankful for it. & He thinks far. He even send all my friends home aft tt cause he knew it wld be late in the wee hours of the night for them to find transport back. Super thankful tt my fav ppl came down to surprise me too (: Meant so much to me.

 R & banana r always "arguing". When i sat across them eating & saw this i cldnt stop laughing. R obv clearly didnt care whether or not Rai had enough space. The poor girl sat there at the edge of her seat while R  chomped down on his pizza happily and cont inching his way towards her taking up more of her space. Hahaha.

 My love (:

 This, this 4 girls are my all time fav girls & i know will always hv my back (:


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