Wednesday, December 13, 2006

mummy's coming back home today at midnight. can't wait to see the things that she bought for me ! yays* hahas. my tummy hurts :( .ytd i baked some cookies. wanted to do shapes as i have the cookie shape thing. but the mixture wasn't a dough, which is why i had to put it in a heart shaped tray. my cookies always taste all the same even though i do different recipes. anyways, you could use it as weapons. it's so hard. pathertic, i know. and somore i want to be a chef. has* another day of boredom. sighs * mum went away for holiday and the first two days i only went out for like what ? 2 days. then never go out already. his going through some family probs. sighs. it affects me when his down. his actions hurt me. nvm. i keep telling myself that i'll give in and control my feelings. just put a happy face and hide the sad one beneath. i guess there's no point quarelling with him and all. i mean, his going through a crucial moment. it'll be pure mean of me to keep pushing him. sighs.whatever. LET GO !! urgghhhs* if i could, i'd run away from home to a place where i can scream so loud that nobody can hear me. a place filled with long grass, something like a meadow. and tame animals running about. better yet, put me in a place where there are all types of dogs. that'll def make me happy. to occupy me from thinking of him. sighs*
:( boos*

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